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6/8/2015 Recently a cantilevered balcony collapsed in Berkeley Calif. killing six people. The evident reason was wood rot caused either by poor initial construction or by a lack of maintenance. In this article Andy Engel speaks with Glenn Mathewson a building inspector and an expert on deck construction to find out more.Is Accessible For Free: True【Get Price】

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19/1/2005 RE: Wood cantilever balcony. KandG (Structural) 19 Jan 05 22:54. a2005. The rule of tumb is for every foot out you need to extend your joists 2 feet in which will work the same if you use the formulas. You may nail the joists to the existing joists or if the floor support is not too far extend the balcony joists to the floor support system.Cantilevered Wood Balcony @ Condo7/8/2015Plywood Cantilever6/9/2011Wood Design - Deflection5/4/2010Wood Arch Design26/7/2006 【Get Price】

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31/1/2018 Here are wood cantilever balcony system design considerations: Amount of cantilever distance before the balcony needs to be supported by a column (s) Dense wood placement increases distance of cantilever. Snow and drifting snow loads factor into weight support. Density and distance contribute to amount of deflection. 【Get Price】

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26/4/2016 Engineered wood might have been able to make the spans but steel offered better control of deflection across the wide garage door span. The steel beams for the two garage-door openings were the same even though one of the headers also has to carry one of the PSL balcony supports crossing the steel beam near mid-span. 【Get Price】

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Well we want to replace that wooden support with a metal floor on the – metal floor for the balcony – as well as metal supports; three metal supports that cantilever into those beams in the ceiling below – wood ceiling – wooden beams. TOM: Right. So you have a balcony … 【Get Price】

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The balcony itself can be a pleasant place to sit or stand and additional features such as screening or a roof can add to the aesthetic and functional appeal. Even if the structure is built properly regular inspection will be necessary to ensure the wood is not cracking bending or otherwise breaking under the weight of the structure.【Get Price】